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Discover how Hemispheres can help children overcome difficulties with co-ordination, handwriting, reading, spelling, attention, behaviour and under achievement.

Established in 2003, Hemispheres is the first occupational therapy practice in the UK, to specialise in bespoke reflex integration programmes to help children reach their physical, sensory and learning potential.

Hemispheres is a flourishing, busy and dynamic private occupational therapy practice. We have an abiding interest in helping children find their physical, sensory and academic learning easier, whilst helping them find general activities more rewarding too. At Hemispheres each child is seen as an individual, indeed, it is our ability to understand a child's difficulties in the context of their development that makes Hemispheres different to other occupational therapy practices.

A significant number of parents and teachers have been delighted with the achievements children make during and after therapy at Hemispheres. Our unique focus on movement and activities to integrate the natural childhood reflexes helps children build strong foundation skills. This enables them to grow, develop and flourish. We are confident that the therapy on offer at Hemispheres is able to benefit children with different difficulties, setting up your son or daughter with improved motor, sensory and functional skills that will be with them for life.

Whats happening at Hemispheres

Hemispheres Think Write Improves Handwriting

Hemispheres Think Write Improves Handwriting

Look how much change can occur in just a few weeks when children are taught the explict rules for letter formation, height, size and spatial placement. Young boy,  10 years old


Moro Reflex Integration Movement - The Bug

The Moro reflex, known as the startle reflex, plays a significant role in sensory integration and is frequency retained in children with autism. This movement, known as the Bug mimics the pattern of an active Moro Reflex, and can be used to help calm

Hemispheres Practices

We have two clinics where we are very happy to see children face to face, in Surrey and in Hampshire. We are also proud of our ability to offer assessments and treatment on teleconference across the UK, Europe, UAE and the USA. Our main clinic in Lightwater, Surrey is open 4 days per week, with one Saturday Clinic per month and our remote clinic runs on a Thursday in Shirley, Southampton. If you would like further information on the times and days of these clinics please select the clinic nearest to you on the map or contact us on info@hemispheres.org.uk.
Hemispheres Paediatric Occupational Therapy, Surrey, Herts & Hants.
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