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A Testimonial from Reuben aged 8 and his Mum who have been seeing Tarynn in St.Albans

We had a wide range of small difficulties that between them meant that Reuben was finding several ar...
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Mr and Mrs Thompson, Hampshire.

"We have been extremely grateful for the strategic advice, practical support and empathetic app...
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Seb Fowler, 8 years

After 4 months, Sebastain 'blew his teacher away' with the increased amount of writing he&nb...
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Holly Aged 15 - Came to see us for Anxiety

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Charlotte – Age 9 (Dyspraxia and Joint Hypermobile)

Charlotte came you see us when she was 8 years old. This is what she said. ‘When I first ca...
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Jayden Aged 8 Years

Hemispheres has really helped me in loads of different categories including sport and school work an...
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Edward aged 8

Hi Katherine, I wanted to write to express my deepest and heartfelt thanks to you for helping Edw...
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Parent following an Assessment.

Many thanks Alex. The report is really informative. I will have a really thorough read through and w...
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