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Harry Aged 10

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We are thrilled with the progress Joseph has made since starting Hemispheres Occupational Therapy. T...
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We have noticed a tremendous difference in Harry this month.   Because he is more physically...
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  Matilda first came to see us in Jan 2014 and we saw her for 6 sessions of Occupational...
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Veronique, London

Leo, my nine year old son who is on the autistic spectrum and has significant learning delays is jus...
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Leo, Kent

Leo and I have really enjoyed our sessions and feel sure that you have helped to see the problems an...
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Karen Rogers and the Teaching Staff at Twyford Pre-Prep, Winchester

The Hemispheres think Write Programme has been very helpful in the Early Years and in Year 1.  ...
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Philippa Gent, Head Of Pre-Prep, Hall Grove School, Surrey

Having just started to implement the Think Write Programme, the children have been really motivate...
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