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Edward aged 8

Hi Katherine,

I wanted to write to express my deepest and heartfelt thanks to you for helping Edward achieve so much in such a short time.

Since our first session both Edward and I have gained so much we have both looked forward to every session. Just before being discharged we actually found we were excitedly discussing what Edward’s new exercises would be for the month ahead! I think we’re still both a bit gutted we don’t have an excuse to play with marbles, bean bags, string all the other crazy wonderful games before bedtime anymore!

Your wonderful rapport with Edward allowed him to always be himself, be at ease in the sessions and to enjoy the exercises and the experience. Your praise when we came back having mastered our ‘homework exercises’ made him keen to learn the new ones. 

As a parent your positivity, energy and support have been amazing. Your empathy for parents is wonderful.  Whenever you explained the reason for an exercise or a course of action required it was done with compassion, in plain clear language that I could take in and process!

Edward has come so far and I wanted to thank you for giving him the confidence to achieve in all areas of his life but especially at school, in the class room, playground and even on the sports pitches!

Thank you!

Henny (Edward aged 8)

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