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Dominik is a very bright, articulate 10 year old boy who came to see us due to his anxiety at school

Before I came to Hemispheres, I couldn’t stand on one leg at all, was terrible at all sports, had low self-esteem, I found sport very stressful and I would get upset on days when there was sport at school. I was so sensitive to things, especially noise, and I had concentration problems.

I went to my first session at Hemispheres and was given a list of exercises to do. I was surprised at how easy they were, and the longest was only 3 minutes! It made such an impact, I can now run faster and even other parents and teachers noticed the difference at Sports Day after only 6 weeks! Teachers also very quickly noticed that my concentration and focus was so much better in class. I am much more agile and I can now climb more easily, I even play football with my friends at playtimes!

After I did the exercises I listened to something called “The Listening Programme” which helped immensely with my noise sensitivity and other sense issues. This helped a lot at school, as my class is rowdy!

I would highly recommend it to other children, it made a huge difference to my life, and it wasn’t difficult to do!

I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Hemispheres and Gaynor, who treated me, for absolutely changing my life!

Dominik, 10

Hemispheres Paediatric Occupational Therapy, Surrey, Herts & Hants.
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