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A Testimonial from Reuben aged 8 and his Mum who have been seeing Tarynn in St.Albans

We had a wide range of small difficulties that between them meant that Reuben was finding several areas of life fairly challenging.

We are delighted that since starting with Hemispheres we have seen some really significant changes including massive improvements in handwriting, far fewer issues with sensory processing and increased flexibility around daily routines. 

From Reuben: There's less stuff getting in the way of what I want to do now and when I go Ice Skating it is easier to do harder tricks. I reckon it's made a difference to my life.

Ps: Reuben said he wishes he could see you occasionally because he really liked you :-)



Reuben kindly wrote us this very nice poem


A world full of words

Reuben age 8


I have many crazy ideas

Soon I’m going to run out of space in my head

Soon they’re going to have to have Somewhere else to go.


But earlier I thought,

Why shouldn’t I become a writer?

It’s amazing that you can just

Push the thoughts

Out of your head into the world.


It wouldn’t be too difficult

To force them onto paper

Just a few words would be enough to start

Then all the thoughts would explode

Into a huge mass of words.


Sentences flow into paragraphs,

Then essays, chapters, songs, diaries,

Stories, articles, books…

A world full of words


So here,

Is my first Poem.

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