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Autistic Spectrum Disorders


Our scientific and medical appreciation and understanding of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is constantly changing. What we do know is that Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder, which is present at birth. It is associated with an atypical development of the neural pathways and connections within the brain after birth.  This ‘wiring’ of the brain leads to immaturity in skills associated with the lower levels of the brain, known as the brain stem. 


Difficulties the child may experience: 

  • Social interaction and friendships.
  • Attachment and bonding.
  • Communication and sound production.
  • Sensory processing challenges.
  • Shared attention difficulties.
  • Motor co-ordination challenges.
  • Learning Difficulties.
  • Emotional difficulties.
  • Limited interests.
  • Set routines and behaviours that the child cannot always be flexible within.


Aims of Intervention: 

  • Intention to communicate.
  • Seeking interaction with others.
  • Improved motivation and interest in fine motor skills.
  • Reduced mouthing and sucking of objects.
  • Calmer behaviour.
  • Sustained concentration.
  • Improved learning.
  • An increase in independent working.
  • Greater skills at coping with emotional challenges.
  • Greater flexibility.

Hemispheres Approach: 

At Hemispheres we believe that by selecting specific movements which have been purposefully developed to mature the functions and structures of the brain stem, it is possible to facilitate improvements in the overall ‘wiring’ and functioning of a child’s central nervous system.  Indeed, children with a diagnosis of ASD who have been using the programme on a daily basis at home, have reported improved levels of functioning. Parents are expected to be part of the intervention programme supporting the child to complete their exercises each day and helping to set intervention goals.

The Hemispheres Motor Programme™ works well in partnership with children who are using Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA), The Listening Programme and Talk Tools. It will not negatively affect any concurrent dietary programmes being used.



Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Average Duration: 

On average, children with Autism stay on the programme for between 12-24 months. However, early intervention is proving to be more efficient. Those who participate in the programme younger tend to require 12 sessions, compared with the 12 – 24 sessions usually required by their older counterparts. 


Currently Autistic Spectrum Disorders makes up 26% of the Hemispheres caseload: 100% of those children have experienced improvements in their presenting symptoms.  Hemispheres do not claim to cure Autism, however, we do help relieve many different symptoms and improve each child’s overall level of engagement and functioning. 

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