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12 January 2015

New Screening Tool and Movement Programme For Schools

New Screening Tool and Movement Programme For Schools

Hemispheres is proud to be launching the Hemispheres Movement, Balance and Learning Screening Tool and Movement Programme for schools.This is no ordinary motor programme, but one that aims to address the underlying 'gaps' in a child's neuromotor skills, building a stronger foundation for the integration of visual, motor and sensory skills for learning.

The programme has been specialised into two levels:

  •  4-6 years
  •  7+years. 

Each level comes with an age appropriate screening tool to baseline and identify any underlying neuromotor 'gaps'.  A 6 week movement programme is then delivered either at school or at home.  The programme is flexibile and lends itself to small group work at school. 

To express an interest in training, the programme, or to simply ask more questions please email info@hemispheres.org.uk

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