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17 September 2014

Opening of a New Clinic

We are thrilled to announced that Hemispheres is opneing a new clinic in the heart of Tunbridge Wells, in partnership with the Tree of Hope Children's Charity.

The clinic will open from the 3rd October, and will offer parent the opportunity to seek advice and support to help children of all ages and level of difficulty.  Hemispheres aims to help all children  by 'making learning easier' through the use of  specialist  movement programmes tailor made to each child's needs.  

Hemispheres empowers parents to deliver the programme at home, on a daily basis, reducing the need for a clinic appointment to once a month.

All enquiries please email info@hemispheres.org.uk or call the officeon Tel:  01276 472 858.

Hemispheres Paediatric Occupational Therapy, Surrey, Herts & Hants.
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