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24 November 2016

Pilot Study taking place in Jordans Primary School

Pilot Study taking place in Jordans Primary School

With the ever increasing move towards children using cursive writing by the end of Key Stage 1, Hemispheres Think Write is excited to announce that from September 2016, we will be,  in partnership with Jordans Primary School,  carrying out a pilot study to look at the impact of the Think Write handwriting programme on the quality of the children's handwriting, over a 6 month period. 

We know from previous studies that the Think Write can and does make a statistical difference in the quality of children's handwriting.  However, we want to show that the same level of progress can be achieve in any school. 

Good teaching of handwriting, needs to include fun and interactive activities to engage children in all levels of learning.  Structured handwriting programmes need to challenge all aspects of handwriting including, cognition, visual spatial planning as well as motor skills and copying. 

Hemispheres believes that when children are fully engaged, understand the rules that underpin letter formation, spatial position, size and height they are empowered with the knowledge to learn the cursive writing script.  The Think Write Cursive Handwriting Programme embodies all of these aspects and primarily teaches children the rules through games, activities and interactive experiences. 

We look forward to confirming that the Hemispheres Think Write Cursive handwriting programme can produce excellent results in terms children's handwriting. 

Thank you to Jordans Primary School for being proactive to ask. 


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