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24 November 2016

Shelley Invited to talk at IAPS Pre-Prep Conference

Shelley Invited to talk at IAPS Pre-Prep Conference

Shelley is thrilled to be presenting the impact of movement on learning.  This will be a practical, informative session,  giving handy hints and ideas that teachers can take back to the classroom. 

Brief Summary:

All Learning Begins with the Body 

Shelley Birkett-Eyles, Specialist Occupational Therapist

Some of the simplest things hold the key to helping children build and develop their learning skills.  Movement is a recognised “key” that enables young children to not only develop the foundations skills, that form the essential building blocks for physical and sensory development, but when directed more specifically can help improve learning for those children who show literacy, attention, co-ordination and handwriting difficulties. 

Shelley will share with you the origins of movement in childhood, the role movement plays in the development of the nervous system, the critical time when the foundation for how a child will think, process and learn new skills throughout his/her educational years and beyond are established. 

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