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Assessment Packages - Selecting the right assessment for you.

Hemispheres offers three key assessments, please do not worry, before we book you in for an assessment you will have a FREE 20 minute telephone consultation with a therapist so we can recommend the right assessment to suit your child's needs. If you do not require a written report and are keen to focus on therapy, you can also choose our assessment without report option.  We are very happy to explain and advice you more clearly, so please do not hesitate to ask for more information. 


Assessment Number 1: Full Neurological Occupational Therapy Assessment 

If you are concerned about your child’s physical/sensory/social/emotional development and they are showing some difficulty in class, then this assessment offers you an all-round assessment of your child’s needs.  The foundational assessment tool we use is our trademark assessment of the Primitive and Postural Reflexes. This will help to identify any immaturities that are affecting your child’s movement, sensory processing, emotional expression and learning skills.  This  assessement also includes an evaluation of handwriting, sensory processing and, if required, aspects of the Dyspraxia Screening and the Early Years Assessment.  This assessment provides entry into all Hemispheres treatment packages.

Package includes: 

  • 2 hours for the assessment. 
  • Initial Reflex Stimulation and Inhibiting Movement Programme provided. 
  • Options: With or without a written report including recommendations and advise for school and home.


Assessment Number 2: Assessment of Primitive and Postural Reflexes

This is our trademark assessment. We assess 14 early primitive and postural reflexes along with the associated neuromotor skills so we can build a picture of any underlying immaturities that are likley to be influenceing your child's sensory, emotional, fine motor, gross motor coordiantion and academic performance. If you are a parent who is interested in treatment, using a tailored movement programme at home, then this is the assessment which will get you started. This assessment which will give you access to the  Hemispheres Reflex Stimulation and Inhibiting Movement Programme (RSIMP). 

Package includes: 

  • 90 minutes for the assessment. 
  • Provision of an Initial Reflex Stimulation and Inhibiting Movement Programme tailored to your child’s needs. 
  • Options: With or without a written report including recommendations and advise for school and home.


 Part of Assessment Number 1 - Early Years Assessment (0-4 years)

Especially designed for our younger clients, the screening assessment looks at the natural development of the reflexes in combination with how your child is progressing in terms of achieving their milestones.  We can help parents identify any particular areas of development that would benefit from some specific intervention and provide advice and recommendations on how to support emerging skills. 

Package includes: 

  • Same as Assessment Number 1

Assessment Number 3 - Independent Occupational Therapy Assessment for EHCP Purposes

Many children’s needs require support from an Educational, Health Care Plan or EHCP, issued by the Local Educational Authority. This assessment is specifically designed to provide independent evidence of your child’s sensory / motor and learning needs and the occupational therapy provision that is needed to meet those needs. This package provides a detailed and comprehensive occupational therapy report that is fit for EHCP purposes. 

Package includes:  

  • between 3- 4  hours for the assessment. 
  • Approximately 10 -15 hours of administration time for reviewing other documentation, liaising with other professionals and composing a full and detailed report that is fit for EHCP purposes.
  • Any additional admin time needed to attend meetings or administrative amendments or any additonal report writing time is charged at £150 per hour, pro rata.  


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