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HANDWRITING - Expression of Learning

Handwriting despite the rise in technology remains a key skill that all children are expected to master. The majority of children who seek support from Hemispheres will present with difficulties in handwriting even if it is not the primary reason why parents seek help.


The range of difficulties we see is enormous, from young children who show little interest in fine motor skills, children struggling with pencil grip and letter formation to older children who are struggling to gain speed in their writing or reflect their academic potential in their school work. 


Each and every child will undergo an observation of handwriting relevant to their presenting difficulty, chronological age and level of ability.


Hemispheres is an innovative company.  To offer our clients a fuller more interesting way of overcome difficulties with handwriting, we developed the Hemispehres Think Write Programme.  This full and interactive programme was developed to offer children the opportunity  to learn all the 'rules' that govern spatial position, size, height and formation for all letters.  The success of the programme in clinic has resulted in its development for use in the classroom to teach cursive writing in Early Years. 



HANDWRITING - Expression of Learning
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