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SOUND THERAPY - Listening, Processing and Calming

Hemispheres is an accredited provider of The Listening Programme, In-Time and Spectrum. 

Using listening therapeutically to stimulate the vital auditory systems is an option for children recieving therapy at Hemispheres. We will advice you if we feel listening therapy is a potential option, and discuss the different programmes and the processes involved.

Listening systems are an additional cost to parents and therefore we will often carry out other evaluations such as the SCAN-C Test of Auditory Processing, a standardised assessment, to ascertain if there are any underlying neurological immaturities, before commencing any listening therapy.  Not all children can complete these tests and therefore sometime decisions are made based on a child's clinical presentation.

On occassions we will refer children for more specialist assessments if necessary.


SOUND THERAPY - Listening, Processing and Calming
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