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Hemispheres has an established and successful clinical programme, in 2013, we extended our clinical programme to produce a general schools-based package called the Hemispheres Movement, Balance and Learning Screening Test and Movement Programmes. The MBL programme is available in two levels 4- 6 years and 7 years + and can be accessed through our One Day Training Course, run at regular intervals. Alternatively, we can arrange in-service training on request.  

For more information about our work and how we can support your school, please email us to talk to a therapist.

For more information about the programme please visit our products page.

For information on our Hemispheres Movement, Balance and Learning Screening Test and Movement Programme Training Day, please visit our events page or email us.


What schools say about the Movement, Balance and Learning Programmes:

It is exciting to be able to help a child overcome their difficulties in learning.’

‘The training is invaluable.  It gives you confidence to use the screening tool and develops understanding of the difficulties children face.’

‘The training enhances the understanding of the programme. It will have a very positive knock on effect on pupil progress.’

Teacher Information
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