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Treatment Packages - We aim to make the difference

Home Movement Programme  -  Primtive and Postural Reflex Stimulation and Inhibiting Motor Programme (RSIMP)

This is our trademark intervention programme and the one we feel makes the most difference.

Follow one of our specific programmes of movement in the comfort of your own home. It takes less than 15 minutes per day to provide the right stimulation to your child to help make real changes in their reflexes and connected skills. 

This treatment programme requires you to attend for just 1 session in clinic per month, where your specialist occupational therapist will review the progress, your child has made and upgrade their movement programme for the following month. This is a cost-effective way to seek support, advice, and help, so you and your child can be active participants in helping your child improve.

Package includes: 

  • A single 45 - 60 minute appointment session per month.
  • A specific programme of movements to stimulate or inhibit identified reflexes. 
  • Access to your own online video library so you can view movements from home.
  • Email support between sessions if you need additional support.  
  • Sessions can be extended to every 3 months - depending on individual needs.

What do parents say:

‘Hemispheres Movement for Learning is a very efficient programme that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. The therapists are very experienced and knowledgeable and are always there to help. I am very pleased that we have this opportunity to work with Hemispheres OT Clinic. The learning programme that we are currently on is tremendously helping our child to progress and make the achievements.’

Madina Mamaeva, Parent, Hertfordshire.



6 Week Handwriting Intervention Programme

A six-week course of either individual or small group intervention for improving handwriting skills.  Each session will be scheduled for 1 hour, with the exception of the initial and final sessions, which will be scheduled for 1.5 hours to allow time to assess and evaluate each child’s handwriting before and after intervention. Children will be grouped according to their needs and level of handwriting skills to ensure that your child’s specific needs can be addressed effectively. 

Package includes

  • Individual or small group-based sessions.
  • A programme of motor and cognitive activities to enhance legibility of letters, including letter formation, spatial placement, and sizing of letters.
  • Building the skills from single letter formations into ‘joined up’ writing.
  • Reflex inhibiting movements to enhance fine motor control and pencil grip.
  • Reflex inhibiting movements to enhance postural tone. 

What do parents say:

‘My son Philip has always struggled with handwriting, and at age eight at the end of year three he was producing very little work and was going down the assessment scales at school. A friend gave us the contact details for Hemispheres and when I took him for his initial assessment it was such a relief when Hemispheres could tell us the reasons why Philip hadn't managed to improve his writing ability for the last three years. The writing exercises were fun and so unlike anything the school had given us to do. We can see a massive difference in our son, he shows less resistance to starting and completing written homework, at school he is producing larger quantities of neater work and his writing style is more fluid and consistent.’ 

Elaine, Parent, Surrey


Auditory Stimulation Programme

Hemispheres is an authorised provider of the following auditory stimulation programmes from ABT Technologies: The Listening Programme, in-Time, and Spectrum. Therapeutically, we have a high level of experience in using, adapting, and supporting the schedule of listening to so we can personalise the therapy to maximise the benefits. 

The programme is offered as part of an ongoing therapy process; however, the cost of the programme is additional to the clinical sessions. The equipment is available as a monthly subscription directly to ABT technologies, it is streamed over the internet, but it is recommended children use bone conduction headphones or Sennheisser headphones that can be ordered from the office. 

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