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TREATMENT PROGRAMME - Movement and Learning

The Hemispheres Motor Programme is a  flexible and dynamic approach to treatment. The programme  combines  monthly clinic appointments, where your child's function and progress is reviewed, with a daily home programme of fun games and activities.


The aim of the programme is to change and mature your child's neurological skills to support their physical, sensory and learning development.  The 'real' treatment takes place at home through you and your child’s commitment to work on your movement programme daily. Just 15 minutes once a day is all you have to set aside to help your child unlock their hidden skills and abilities.


The length of treatment is personal to each child and their specific needs.  Most children show improvements within the first month, but to create lasting and significant changes in their learning and potential children usually require between 3 months – 1 year on the programme. Some children with more significant needs will require longer.


Dont worry you will not have to remember all of the movements, each month you will have access to an online treatment programme containing videos to help remind you.


Most children will be treated in clinic settings but home, nursery and school packages can be delivered.  


The programme can be easily integrated into established programmes such as ABA and Son Rise.  


TREATMENT PROGRAMME - Movement and Learning
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