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Shelley Birkett-Eyles

Shelley Birkett-Eyles

Founder and Executive Director

Shelley Birkett-Eyles, started Hemispheres in 2003 after her return from Australia.  Her keen interest in the brain and how it influences development and learning in childhood was a pivotal factor in her exploration and research into the primtive and postrual reflexes.

Since the start of Hemispheres Shelley has focused on growing and expanding the clinical networks to enable more children to access the Hemispheres therapy approach.  Passionate about making sure children recieve the' right help at the right time' Shelley has worked closely with many schools to develop the tools and resources they need to identify potential 'signs' of neurological immaturity.  To accompany these resources Shelley has developed school movement programmes to support children in school whilst also helping schools identify those children that require more specialist support.  


Shelley graduated from Oxford Brooks University in 1992. She spent 10 years working in Psychiatry, Neurology and Neurosurgery before expanding into Paediatrics. A strong neurolgical focus remains paramount in the work she is currently developing in Hemispheres and this foundation provides a unique focus for the therapy we offer.

Shelley remains a hands on clinician and runs clinics in Surrey and Hampshire.  When not in clinic, Shelley is often found in schools training and teaching professionals about the impact of the reflexes on learning, or undertaking research to measure the  impact of the Think Write Handwriting Programme or the School Movement Programme on children's learning.





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