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Cursive Alphabet Desk Strip

Cursive Alphabet Desk Strip


An ideal reference tool for children.  Placing the alphabet strip on the table in front of your child when they are writing provides them with a reference tool that can help them  access their thinking for height, size, spatial placement and formation.  Ideal for use at home or school. 

Fits in to any school bag, folder and desk tray for easy access.


1 Laminated, lowercase alphabet strip, ideal to display the lowercase cursive letter when children are writing and need a quick reminder.  Size: 300mm x 30mm

Price: £1.05

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Learning and development resources are advertised here which are available for purchase on  the Hemispheres ThinkWrite-Learning website.

The products are aimed at Parents, schools and therapists to aid in the development of childrens learning skills.Clicking on the “learn More” link will direct you to the website in a new browser window.

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