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Movement, Balance and Learning Screening Tool and Movement Programme for Schools (7+years)

Movement, Balance and Learning Screening Tool and Movement Programme for Schools (7+years)


'All learning begins with the body:  it has to, as it is our primary point of reference'

At Hemispheres, we put children's needs first and work to create new and positive learning behaviours through specific movement patterns.

The Movement, Balance and Learning (MBL) programme enable more schools to work specifically with children using movements designed by a clinician.  

Motor co-ordination and integration becomes more complex approaching the age of 7 years.  Children at this age may have recognised difficulties with movement and learning.  

The MBL 7+years has a screening tool that empowers schools to identify specific motor difficulties in children they have concerns about.  

The 6 week programme included into the MBL 7+years is designed with built in challenges so children learn core skills for co-ordiantion and control of their bodies, through a selection of therapeutic movements, based on clinical experience. 


The MBL 7+years has build in flexibility so it can be delivered:

  • At school
  • At home (includes sheets for parents)
  • Individually
  • In small groups.

For the greatest effect it is recommended that the programe is delivered for 10 -15 minutes per day.  


The MBL Programme 7+ years includes:

A manual containing the instructions for the screening assessment and movement programme.

The screening assessment is comprised of 7 subtests which when combined together relate to:

  • Posture, Stability and Spatial Awareness
  • Balance and Equilibrium
  • Eye hand co-ordination

Parental and school instruction sheets for the 6 week programme of movements are included.  Each week brings a new set of movements that builds on the neurological learning in the previous week.

Each week contains 4 movements that relate to the following movement categories:

  1. Strength, Posture and Spatial Awareness
  2. Balance and equilibrium
  3. Co-ordination, Rhythm and Sequences
  4. Eye Hand Co-ordination

The programme has been designed to make a difference, therefore to achieve the maximum result, we encourage schools to ask parents to be involved, so the movements can be completed everyday, making changes that make a difference. 

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