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Hemispheres Developmental Screening Tool for Nursery and Reception

Hemispheres Developmental Screening Tool for Nursery and Reception


A fantastic, time saving resource that will help Nursery and Reception teachers quickly identify those children who are showing potential delays in the development of their fine and gross motor skills, emotional maturity and sensory skills. 


A valuable resurce, that can be photocopied for use with all children.  The screening tool has been specifially designed for  teachers to offer them a tool with which they can monitor the developmental skills of young children in Nursery and Reception.  The diversity of ability in children aged 3 - 5 years is an area which can cause confusion for teachers, and this tool enables you to base line a child's skills. It utilises everyday observation and also enables you to monitor their progress over time.  The change in skills you observe and measure will assist you in idenitfying those children who may be at risk, or who would benefit from some early intervention to prevent any delays negatively  impacting on their learning.  A fantastic means of communication with parents to show that you are considering the total development of their child. 

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