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Cate & Alexander

Finding you and your team has been extremely beneficial to Alexander and myself even in the small period of time that we have been seeing you. In the last month Alexander has really matured and gained confidence - a very different boy from the Autumn term at St George’s. He is now writing beautifully with an ink pen although his spelling needs to be worked on! He is interacting well at school apparently and is much more communicative in class. He is now on a different medication which seems to be working and I think together with his growing confidence and this new medication he is storming ahead, even his games teachers are being more positive about his participation in lessons.

The tics remain but do get less out of school and when he is doing what he really enjoys. We remain as much as we can in a fairly strict routine and are trying to not get too bogged down.

Thank you very much for all your support and advice you were a safe haven in the storm that blew up while we tried to figure Alexander out. Still lots to do but think with our move to the countryside and attending the local little primary school it can only keep things going in a positive direction.

With my very warmest regards,

Cate & Alexander (Aged 8yrs, seen by Gaynor Bannister)

March 2017

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