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Olivia (Aged 16) September 2016

Hi Katherine,

Thank you so much for the card you sent to me...it was completely un-expected and wonderful, I even shed a little tear when I realised it was from you :'))

As for GSCE results...I'm over the moon!! 2 A's (Including one in English Language...I know...what...) and the rest where all B's which is completely crazy but I'm so pleased and still can't believe it. Also didn't panic in any of them so bonus...

I have just started in sixth form and I'm taking Art, DT, Psychology and Sociology...and I'm really looking forward to everything!

I literally feel like a different person since I finished my sessions with you...I'm so much less afraid of everything now, and really enjoying being more confident to be honest.

I recently went to South Africa with my school, and literally had the most amazing time ever! I got to stroke a cheetah and was even kissed by an elephant...I would never have dreamed of going anywhere without my mum a year/two years ago...let alone a different continent!?!

Another crazy thing I've done this summer...I went to reading festival woo woo! I had the time of my life and literally can't wait to go next year! I saw so many amazing artists and hung out with amazing people...my toes and throat are very much still in agony though from all the moshing and singing!!:)

So yeah, I'm really enjoying life at the moment and I know it sounds cringe but it really is down to you and I'm eternally grateful to you for changing my life completely.

Thank you for everything :D Speak soon!

Oliva xxx

PS. If you want to use this to show your bosses/clients etc how amazing you are feel free :)

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