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Essential Resources for the Hemispheres Think Write Cursive Handwriting Programme

Essential Resources for the Hemispheres Think Write Cursive Handwriting Programme


Hemispheres Think Write is a unique handwriting programme that was designed specifically with children in mind.  

The interactive, fun and dynamic nature of the programme enhances its unique properties and enables children to learn through purposeful play and games.  Hemispheres Think Write is a full cursive writing programme that teaches children to not only make marks on paper but transitions smoothly from pre-writing into leanring to write and form the cursive letters with the lead-in and lead-out lines before making the final transition into full joining.  

As the learning takes place through movement and games first, children learn to understand formation, size and spatial position of letters without even picking up a pencil. Strengthening the understanding or cognitive components of handwriting is based on a 'top down approach' that empowers and gives the children the skills to  'think and plan' their movements with greater knowledge. 

Developed by ourselves, our full therapeutic and psychological knowledge of how to help children overcome their difficulties with handwriitng and fine motor skills, has been packaged together in a smooth, fluid and dynamic programme that can be delivered individually, in small groups or as part of the mainstream curriuclum. 

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The essential resources any person needs to start using the Hemispheres Think Write Handwriting Programme.  

The pack includes:

  • Teacher's Instruction Manual.
  • Category Cards and Games / Flashcards.
  • Illustrated letter cards.
  • Non Illustrated letter Cards.
  • A full set of A3 animal character wall posters.
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Learning Resource Products

Learning and development resources are advertised here which are available for purchase on  the Hemispheres ThinkWrite-Learning website.

The products are aimed at Parents, schools and therapists to aid in the development of childrens learning skills.Clicking on the “learn More” link will direct you to the website in a new browser window.

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