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Module 1 Teacher Guide- Learning the Cognitive Framework

Module 1 Teacher Guide-  Learning the Cognitive Framework


This full colour teaching guide breaks down into bite size steps how to play the games so children can learn to form the congitive framework that will guide and structure their thinking processing with regards to the formation, height, size and spatial position of all of the 26 letters. 


Building an internalised framework that helps children organise the rules and expectation of legible writing, is the key component that makes Hemispheres Think Write different to all other handwriting programmes.

Hemispheres Think Write embeds key learning strategies deep within the teaching modules, so you can be confident that children are developing the right thinking patterns.  Whether you are using the programme as an additional tool to help children who are showing some difficulties with handwriting, or you are implementing the programme in the classroom this is a great tool to ensure that you are covering all aspects of the cognitive framework.


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